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cps officers

CPS Officers cut the cake to celebrate the groups 40th Birthday!
officers from left to right, Julia Paul, Emerson Gilmore, Michael Lepore, Christine Beck,
Pat Mottola, Tony Fusco and Ginny Lowe Connors.

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The Poetry Blast Took Place Saturday May 17 at Manchester Community College
Arts and Education Center

Also at the Blast: Book Fair, Evelyn Atreya presentation "Contemporary American Poets Presentation",
CPS Chapter Presidents Panel, and Open Mic

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Contest Winners Announced

The Connecticut Poetry Society is pleased to announce the winners of the 2013 Lynn DeCaro Poetry Contest for high school students.  We had the largest group of submissions ever, so the competition was tough. Judge Rhett Watts selected these poems:

1st  Prize: “Small Greatness” by Joscelyn Norris of Roxbury, Westover School
2nd  Prize: “Long Lost Bear’s Monologue from Shakespeare’s ‘Winter Tale’: A Deleted Scene Recently Discovered in Director’s Cut” by Valerie Bodurtha of Stamford, Horace Mann School
3rd  Prize: “Water Sign” by Rhian Lewis of Middlebury, Westover School

Honorable Mentions: “Remission” by Kylie Kearney of Vernon,”  “Early Bedtimes in Summer” by Cailee Tallon of Sandy Hook, and “Via dei Serpenti” by Hannah Hudson of Southbury

Judge Rhett Watts said of the first prize poem “Stunning images sustain "Small Greatness." The poet compares and contrasts the mushroom cloud to the butterfly weed planted by an atomic scientist ‘to nurture apologies’….The language is strong when describing the explosion and light as the weight of a butterfly's wing when describing blossoms that "Droop and wither from each cluster, like falling stars."

Comments on the other award winners: The second prize poem “delights with fresh imagining, comedic tone, and language that stays close to the Bard's. Later readings drew me in with the reflective stance of the bear, a curious character often written about, but seldom to such wonderful effect as here.”

“The third place poem carries an extended metaphor to its watery conclusion-- Love in Davey Jones' Locker…The haunting images set me adrift.”

All of the honorable mention poems were memorable, according to Ms. Watts, especially “Remission,” with its “powerful, yet restrained encounter that addressed the ravages of treatment.”




Photos from our Annual Holiday Meeting/ Party
December 8, 2013
group cps

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Connecticut Poetry “Found” Poem, 2013

composed by CPS members at the annual Holiday party of one line
each from well known Christmas poems

If you are an old believer
tiny hand reaching out from
the squirrel’s nest,
the ground is no longer naked
and we live and stand on the cold rim.

If unmelodious was the song
into alabaster space
with all their ancient faces like rain-beaten stones
no bird is singing now, and if there is
the fir trees of a Christmas yet unknown
clear a path with a finger.
The city has withdrawn into itself

The nights are wholesome
invisible dogs barking
such warmth, such light, such love, and so much fear
more rhythms and truths some of the stories tell
for the listener who listens in the snow

Where the sun shines no warmer than the moon
behind the walls thin as a wren’s bone
I rest in the grace of the world and am free
I hear the sounds of sorrow and delight
a quiet light and then not even that
This is the poem of the air

2013 Connecticut Poetry

Award Winners Announced

1st prize: “Crown Jewels of Persia” by Rhett Watts
2nd prize: “Apostrophe to an Earthworm” by Nicholas Giosa
3rd prize: “Recorder Lessons on the Rocks” by Suzanne Niedzielska

Honorable Mentions: “Sophie” by Srini Mandavilli and
“The House We Were Young In” by Marilyn Johnston

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August 18th

Our 2013 Annual Picnic was held on August 18th. Once again Vivian Shipley offered her beach house for a summer pot luck picnic-reading-poetry appreciation event The venue was marvelous as was the company and poetry read that day.

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took place Saturday April 27 at Manchester Community College Arts and Education Center

Highlights included readings by Connecticut’s Senior Poet Laureate, a panel of speakers talking about publishing poetry, a talk about Emily Dickinson, and an open mike reading. 

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2013 Lynn DeCaro Contest Winners

The Connecticut Poetry Society is pleased to announce the winners of the 2013 Lynn DeCaro Poetry Contest for high school students.   Judge Elizabeth Thomas selected these poems:

1st prize: “My Mother’s Dressing Room” by Afua Nsiah, a student at Westover School in Middlebury

2nd prize: “Untitled (“Ribbons ran between our windows…”) by Leezy Lavrova from Avon High School

3rd prize: Blackbird’s Daughter” by Ailsa Slater of Westover School in Middlebury

Honorable Mentions: “Insomniac’s Wife” by Olivia Burns and “Dana” by Katherine Solley

Comments on the other award winners: Regarding the second prize poem, she said, “the poem flowed well, its rhythm was suited to the piece, the rhyme never overpowered the piece.”  She commented on the “incredible images” in the third prize poem, such as “ ‘I wrap his shoulders in sealskin’ and ‘Strands of moonlight tangled in my hair.’ ”  Ms. Thomas also had very positive comments about the poems that received honorable mentions.

Judge Elizabeth Thomas is a widely published poet, performer, teacher and advocate of the arts. The author of two poetry collections and one book on writing for youth and teachers, she has read her work throughout the United States.  She's been a member of three Connecticut National Poetry Slam teams and in 1998 was a member of the U.S. team that traveled to Sweden.

The winning poems will be included in the next Long River Run

A great many students entered the Lynn DeCaro contest this year, so the level of competition was high. Kudos to the winners and many thanks to all who entered.


2013 Al Savard Competition winners


The Connecticut Poetry Society is pleased to announce the winners of the 2013 Al Savard Memorial Poetry Competition.   Judge Russell Strauss selected these poems:

1st prize: “In Times of Abandonment” by Geri Radacsi of Farmington

2nd prize: “The Truth about Paris” by Pat Hale of West Hartford

3rd prize: “The Lawrence Tree” by Heidi St. Jean of Simsbury

Honorable Mentions go to Jean DeLarm-Neri for “Immaciated Auchitz (Sic),” Stephen Hitchcock forBrothers,” and Lucile H. Blanchard for “Endings.”

Our judge, Russell Strauss, is the past president of the National Federation of State Poetry Societies.


- The Connecticut Poetry Society
2013 Poetry award (continued from top)

 Judge Bessy Reyna selected the following poems:

1st prize: “Crown Jewels of Persia” by Rhett Watts

2nd prize: “Apostrophe to an Earthworm” by Nicholas Giosa

3rd prize: “Recorder Lessons on the Rocks” by Suzanne Niedzielska

Honorable Mentions: “Sophie” by Srini Mandavilli and “The House We Were Young In” by Marilyn Johnston

Bessy Reyna described the winning poem this way: “Developed like a fine Persian miniature, this multi-layered poem captures the history of a country in turmoil for many decades. Personal remembrances of youth gracefully expose the atmosphere and politics of dictatorship and the cost of imperialism. What begins seemingly as a remembrance of beauty the most stunning thing I’ve ever seen ends with a stunningly painful image of blood like rubies trickling out her mouth captured on cell phones shared throughout the world.”

Of the second prize poem, Reyna said, “The poet uses words like a magnifying glass, showing  and reminding us not only of the importance of earthworms, but also how all living things are "tied to each other...in a web of connections." This poem is cleverly and elegantly constructed, leading the reader to meditate on the meaning and beauty of such a simple-looking creature.”

The third prize poem is “A spare and emotional evocation reflecting the last visits with an elderly parent.
Role reversal is positively and lovingly depicted…The poem simply, yet effectively, portrays the longing for the connection that is being broken by the aging process.”

About the judge: Bessy Reyna is the author of two bi-lingual poetry books: The Battlefield of Your Body and Memoirs of the Unfaithful Lover / Morias de la amante infiel. She has published chapbooks in English and Spanish. Ms. Reyna was awarded the Connecticut Center for the Book’s Lifetime Achievement in Service to the Literary Community Award.


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Christine Beck


Connecticut Poetry Society

The Connecticut Poetry Society (CPS), an affiliate of the National Federation of Poetry Societies (NFSPS), is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion and enjoyment of poetry. Our group has a long tradition of excellence in publishing the work of poets from Connecticut and around the nation.

Our mission is to support the art form of poetry with chapter meetings, contests, and poetry events. Membership is not limited to Connecticut residents. One does not have to be a poet to join, just a person willing to dedicate time or money in support of the arts.

Chapters usually meet monthly to workshop original poetry and sponsor readings, lectures or programs in their communities. Browse through our site. To get information about CPS, contact us at mail to:connpoetry@comcast.net .


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